“Cinema comes to life where the collision between different cinematic measures of movement and vibration begins.” (Sergei Eisenstein)


Media collisions as drivers of innovation for new approaches of cultural heritage

How can digital technologies revive a place that no longer exists?
How can we make this space accessible in a way that appeals to the emotions?
And how can we connect this emotional experience to an intellectual journey?

Until recently, in the centre of Moscow, a landmark in film history attracted filmmakers and researchers from all over the world: the apartment of the Russian director, Sergei Eisenstein. Over several decades, film historian Naum Kleiman has turned Eisenstein’s apartment into an active centre of Eisenstein research. The European Film Academy declared the apartment a World Heritage Site. However, in the course of the political dismantling of the Moscow Film Museum, to which the Eisenstein cabinet officially belonged, the apartment was closed down in 2018. The arts and science research project Collisions aims to restore access to this unique space and thus to the intellectual cosmos of Sergei Eisenstein.