The History written by Vera Rumyantseva, Curator of the Eisenstein-Archive The Eisenstein-Apartment was the starting point for the Cinema Museum.   Pera Atasheva, the widow of Sergei Eisenstein, consigned all of Sergei Eisenstein’s belongings to the Soviet State before her death in 1965, in order to establish an Eisenstein-Museum. Part of this were archive material,… Continue reading History


Project Genesis

Project Genesis Tatiana Brandrup This project grew out of a series of wonderful encounters – with Naum and Vera Kleiman, Katrin Springer, Anna Luise Kiss, in 2020 with our remarkable team and, many times over, with Sergei Eisenstein. In December 2009, I met Naum Kleiman and visited Eisenstein’s flat for the first time. Back then… Continue reading Project Genesis

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Collisions Media collisions as drivers of innovation for new approaches of cultural heritage   How can digital technologies revive a place that no longer exists? How can we make this space accessible in a way that appeals to the emotions?And how can we connect this emotional experience to an intellectual journey?   Until recently, in… Continue reading Collisions